Abuse / Molesting/ Bullying

    • Brad HagenHave you had things happen to you in the past that still make you sad or angry – but don’t know who is safe to talk to about them?
    • Are you finally wanting to forgive people who did cruel or hurtful things to you, but just don’t know how to let it go, so they no longer have power over your life?
    • Have you experienced bullying as a child – or recently in the workplace – and find that it’s still affecting you?
    • Have you experienced violence, war, or an accident, and don’t know how to get the memories or images out of your head?
    • Are you a member of the military, a police (City or RCMP) officer, or a first responder, who is trying to heal from stress and/or PTSD?  Or struggling with alcohol use, anger and/or relationship problems?