Forgiveness: Choosing Peace over Pain

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resentment quote pictureForgiveness: Choosing Peace over Pain  Unfortunately, many of us have been deeply hurt by others. Perhaps your spouse or partner has betrayed you, a good friend has hurt you, or someone has caused a tragedy in your life. When someone hurts us or causes us great pain, it’s normal and understandable to be angry at that person, and to want justice – or even revenge. But at some level, we know that nursing our resentment, pain and anger eats away at us, but we remain stuck – unable to move on from all the past hurt and wrongs. You may hav...

Knowing when and how to take a break during a fight with your partner

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Untitled-2People who come to me for couples counselling often report that one of the most helpful things they learn is the art of knowing when – and how – to take a break from a fight or heated discussion. Not knowing what else to do, some couples feel like they have to keep talking (or fighting) about the argument, even if it’s obvious it’s going nowhere, and one or both people are just getting more upset.  At other times, one of the partners may storm off, leaving the other partner feeling hurt and abandoned.

The kinder option for couple is for them to agree that during a fight, if either one of them (or both) feels too upset or overwhelmed by the argument, that either person can (gently) call a “time ou...