Couples & Relationships

Our primary relationship is one of the biggest determinants of our overall happiness and peace in life, yet many of us aren’t taught the tools to have happier relationships.  I can help you turn around many of the problems couples often have.

  • Brad HagenTired of having the same old fight with your partner, without it going anywhere?
  • Feeling like you can’t get your needs met, whether it is for affection, love, companionship, or sex?
  • Does it seem like the two of you have become enemies, instead of best friends?
  • Feeling like you’re ready to call it quits, but wondering if you’ll regret the decision to end things?
  • Have you had your feelings and trust trampled on (e.g., an affair, addictions, etc.) and wondering if you can ever trust or be trusted again?
  • Doing your best to deal with stepchildren and ex-spouses, but feeling like you just can’t win?