Fees and Payment

  • Brad HagenUnfortunately, due to the history of our provincial and national health care plans in Canada, the services of a psychologist are not yet covered under publicly funded health care plans (unlike psychiatrists, who are medical doctors), despite research documenting the many benefits of counselling.
  • Therefore, most people who see me do so through some kind of private employee benefit program, such as Blue Cross, Great West Life, etc. Some insurance companies allow our office to direct bill; others require you to pay for services and submit your receipt for reimbursement. Every plan is different, so please check with your benefits program to ensure that they cover the services of a psychologist, and for what amount and time period.
  • For people without benefits, some persons simply pay for my services out of pocket, just like you might have to pay for many other services (e.g., to have your vehicle serviced, seeing a dentist if you don’t have coverage, etc.).
  • For people who are paying out of pocket, or have employee benefits, my normal rate (as a Ph.D. prepared psychologist) is approximately $175 / one hour appointment. In certain circumstances, I may be able to reduce this rate somewhat.
  • Our office is able to accept payment with cash, cheque, debit, or credit cards. We are also able to accept payment over the phone with credit cards.